Acrylic Care Information

Acrylic Care Guidelines


We hope you love your products! Here are some guidelines on how to care for your products: 

Your acrylic products are made by cutting and engraving 3mm or 5mm plastic sheets, so therefore can be quite fragile if not handled correctly.

Most of our acrylic items are mirrored, therefore, you might find some fingerprints or smudges when your items are handled. We would suggest using a dry cloth or kitchen paper to try and remove the smudges. If this doesn’t work, then use a tiny amount of nail varnish remover or alcohol spray on the cloth or kitchen towel and polish. Please avoid using any liquids towards the edges of the acrylic as this can cause the liquid to crack the acrylic.

*Please note this is just a guideline*

All items will be quality checked before they are posted. Any production faults with these items need to be addressed within 24 hours of receiving them.